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  • I really dont check this page often, PM"S are much better for getting a hold of me, I have them sent to my phone so I get them instantly, weather I'm online or not. I'm doing good, Glad to be on the green team!! Hoping to go red soon, Hint Hint!! LOL!!
    Without getting another rude response form Conos - is there an app for metric conversion?? ALSO - I saw Picasa on my phone, and then when I needed it - gone!!!! Is there an easier eay to move pictures to my computer from my Galaxys2x?? Oh - I am on the 2nd phone in 2 weeks - last one was a lemon and they exchanged it - hence all the earlier problems. Sigh!!
    Hey Lilbit, thanks for the friend request :)
    Seems like you've been on AF for a while now
    Pretty cool Bio you have there, being an Anime voice over! How's that working out? Cool profile pics as well.. Anime is an awesome genre!

    Have a great day :)
    Hey LilBit I got an S3 flashed to Boost I was wondering if a rom for the Sprint S3 will work on my Boost S3. I tried asking in their forum and no one answered.
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