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  • Hello there. How are you? Don't know if you remember me. Just stopped in to say hey. Is there a scoop on Earlymon? I dropped him a line first but have not had a response. Hope all is well, take care,
    Hi i recently purchased a boost mobile galaxy s2 4G i was able to root it whit an app called framma root (really easy) then i downloaded wifi thether TrevE mod
    change some settings but I just can't get it to connect to my ipod or computer it'll show on the device butwen I try to cconnect it'll just say unable to connect (could you please help?
    I tried to insert an image from flickr I copied and pasted the url where it told me to...or so I thought! I actually dragged and dropped it but that shouldn't matter right?

    oh well...

    :questionmark: look what I just realized there was on the smiley list!!:p
    OMG! it was a picture of an upside down question mark!!! I uploaded to flikr..I copy and pasted the url I did everything I was supposed to! I still couldn't get a pic to post... even here!!!I give up!!:rolleyes:
    Thank you SO much! Very exciting! I have to work tonight but late tonight I'll read through the links ;) Thanks for the recommendation and I look forward to contributing!
    Thanks DS!!!
    I got alot of reading ahead of me :eek:
    It was funny, I replied to someones thread and when I hit submit, I see my name in red.
    I knew I was being considered for a mod job, but didn't know when it would come.
    Now it's here, and here I am...red!!!
    they were given to me...i'm actually doing favors.. so ...i think i should at least be up for the nobel peace prize!! :) :) :)
    no seriously..;
    yeah..:eek:..macbook pro.. i toggle back n forth...the igeeks (who are my friends)set it up for me.:p...windows is like my security blanket so to speak...
    yeah well ....one day... and one day soon;0..........besides..Im runnung win 8 on a mac..and it's all weirded:p
    Hey there - I've been around. Just getting over a bad cold. I'm beginning to think I need to relocate to a warmer state lol
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