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  • Hey, Britton,
    I have a quick question. A few hours ago I had 4.1.2 with Virgin mobile & I tried upgrading to 4.3 because I would get that new update pop up every hours or so and I tried upgrading but it wouldn't let me, I'm guessing cause I was rooted and it only allows unrooted phones. So I went on the search for a unroot for the 4.1.2 and couldn't find one until I came across to "Update Sprint Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 to Official 4.3 L710VPUCMK3 (Odin and OTA Stock Method)" and I used it. As it updated to that I noticed that I got switched to Sprint and it wasn't Virgin any more. Everything works excepts the Data (4G) & I was wondering if there's a way to get everything back, since I didn't backup any files & you have Virgin Mobile and a Samsung G3 maybe you've been through this before.( And I've seen you all over the forum) I didn't save any backup files & I know that was stupid since I'm new to all this rooting and etc... Would really like to hear back from you. Thanks!
    Hey once again thank you for timely response. I just had a couple questions before flashing stock rooted 4.3 mk5 for vm galaxy s3. It says in the post for those of you who are rooted and have not gotten the 4.3 update with knox. Unfortunately I have gotten the update with the knox bootloader and im also not sure im rooted. I flashed custom recovery via odin. That works fine but when i tried to flash the root folder on this post super user wouldnt open upon rebooting. I tried to remove knox with the knox remover script i mentioned earlier but got an error so i restored a back up. Ever since then ive been stuck in the second samsung boot screen. So custom recovery and download mode are up and running. Do you think im good to go to download the rooted stock 4.3 mk5 rom or no?
    Hey there, you seem like a well educated fellow. If I want to download the official JB release for virgin mobile, do I have to un-root and if so can you point me in the right direction. I have been looking but cant find a restore anywhere.
    Hey I'm new here and see you have posts about the galaxy s2 dog-710vm all over the place and I have some questions and can't seem to get the answer I need. I have the virgin mobile galaxy s2 and its rooted and I used rwillcos tutorial and used the ics fl26 rom and kernel. I can't move apps to my sd and I am wanting a phone that's can move them and have customizing and is fast but doesn't drain my battery as fast but idk how to make it do that. Can you help this girl out? I love this phone but I'm sure it can do so much more and I can't seem to find the answers, probably cause I'm not sure where to look. Thanks!
    hey i saw that you succesfully flashed paranoid android onto your SG2 from Virgin Mobile. I just got mine today and I am a noob at this and the instructions are seriously scary. Do you think could help me out? Can you give me detailed instructions? Sorry for the bother but you just seem real nice lol
    Yeah the "O.V" and Triumph were also my first. This one makes 3. Well, plus a nook color. Im too nervous about flashing a rom on the sgs2. I'm happy with just having root access. About the "Odin count triangle", theres an app on the google play store, called triangle away. Chainfire makes it, it removed the triangle for mine.
    Here you go. I followed the directions step by step. After you flash through make a back-up before flashing superuser apk. (at least thats what i did) Good luck. Let me know if you have any quetions. Oh the link... Rwilco12's Android Repository
    Thanks for the like on my post :) That guy just got to me.I know I'm not a DEV but I try to help when I can and I respect all the DEV's here ALOT.Guy made it seem like I don't.Only if he had a sense of humor and not just sense 3.0 lol
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