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  • Heya sorry just now seeing your post. I do remember you however I haven’t really been around in goodness, at least 2 years since the forum switched over to zenforo. About EM I have no idea about him.
    I got a short note from EM, I guess he is well enough. Hope you are too! Thanks for the response.
    Yeah I’m pretty alright, been moving across the country persay lol from South Carolina to Louisiana for a couple years and found myself in Nevada just recently
    Turns out that my well water was contaminated and that led to toxic blood which left me with numerous symptoms. Been better since I stopped using the water but now I'm dealing with what to do about the well.
    Not sure how to do the PM.
    Hi Dust, Been a little while since i wrote in our droid forum but today i felt a need to post a few questions.

    While i'm here in PM i thought maybe i could ask you a specific question: i want to download the pictures that i've taken with my phone. yesterday i took some pictures that i want to edit in photoshop. Is there an easy way to download them? And as odd as this may sound do i need to use one of those management programs to find and view the pictures on the camera/phone?

    How's things been going in your world?

    Did you ever tell me where you live or is it posted here in your profile and i just missed it or didn't spend enough time looking for it?

    Hope all is well.

    Since this is where we get to post public notes ( thought the last one was going to be private ) Let me just add to anyone who comes here to read about dustwun77; he has been one of the incredible members here in the android forums to jump in and help translate for me some of the things that i did not know yet.
    Dust has the right stuff!
    Hey Dust,
    Wanna thank you again for your help with that first and longest post!
    Keep your eye out if you can for other questions that i might have since other questions in other forums have not gotten anywhere near the help and contributions from so many great members; many senior members who helped me i "felt the love" <VBG> TY again !
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