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  • Turns out that my well water was contaminated and that led to toxic blood which left me with numerous symptoms. Been better since I stopped using the water but now I'm dealing with what to do about the well.
    Not sure how to do the PM.
    Hello Kryptonyt!

    I was just thinking about you the other day and hoping you were ok and wondering what has happened to you!

    last I heard you were having all sorts of health issues. was worried we hadn't heard from you!

    Let me know when you get this and we can maybe carry this to Private Messages or I can send you my personal email.

    good to hear from you, I hope you are doing ok!
    Hey there, Kryp, I live in South Carolina. I have been doing ok. How about you?

    Regarding your pics, One simple way to get them to your pc is to just email them to yourself and then dl it instead of just viewing it in email. If you pull up the shot you are interested in, you can prob get a Share option by doing a long press on it.

    That usb-ms toggle function in recovery is one way to hook the phone to pc that seems pretty reliable. You could do that and navigate to where the pics are with your windows explorer, then copy or move them to a folder on your pc.

    Same idea just plugging usb cable in to phone and pc and drag down the notification bar and select disk drive, done.

    Then, the old faithful way of turning off phone and digging out that little micro sd card and putting it into an adapter/ card reader, attached to pc, and same story, windows explorer, navigate to it and do your thang!

    Good to hear from you guy, take care! Anytime I can help, let me know!
    Hello Kryp, I got your message, i sent you one back in the private message area.
    Was glad to help, will again any time I am able to. Thank you for the appreciation. Have a good day!
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