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Any way to show who message sent to other than conversation mode?

Max Mart

Aug 27, 2019
I do not like conversation mode. I find I miss seeing emails. Ridiculous to have to search using to: what if not remember correct spelling or last name? Or to have to open each email in Sent folder to find if sent an email to someone. Is google trying to force people to use Conversation mode? This is KEY and MOST basic need in email - to see who you sent messages to. Years and years of people maki g this same request. Does Gmail staff have a market research team that gathers complaints? Perhaps hire someone over 50 that knows how to run focus groups, one-on-ones, surveys for complaints -- people who can work with your analytics team to build algorithm in predictive analytics that recommends making this option available. If does not pick up this problem need new algorithm. I use different app to receive my small bus emails and it shows in Sent folder on first line who each email sent to not who sent from which is obviously me. Most useful way of showing was old Blackberry Bold -- had column that said sent or inbox and who sent to or received from - each day could quickly scan and see if responded to each mail received. Very easy very efficient. Would seem easy as others apps do to at least just let us see recipient in Sent folder. And Google is a search company. Wants to force me to mwmorize all the strings for searching. Why not at least as Samsung native email when tap hourglass seach to from or subject and ability to sort by name
If you don't like the GMail app (and I don't particularly like it either) just use a different one. There are a lot to choose from, and there's no need at all to use Google's app for GMail, or for anything. I keep it disabled on my phone.

I'm currently using Nine, which allows me to turn Conversation view on or off, shows me the recipient name in the Sent folder. I've previously used MailDroid, AquaMail and K9, all pretty configurable even if I can't remember exactly which options each has. Just try a few and see what you like (remembering that the views are only one element of an email app: I personally won't use one where the app company passes my mail through their servers, no matter what benefit they claim I derive from that).

As for hoping Google will listen to you, good luck with that - their attitude (not uncommon amongst tech companies) is "we know best", and you are supposed to fit into their mindset.
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