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Any YouTube TV Subscribers

I'm very happy with the service but I can't figure out my email. I created an email account when I signed up. I'm accustomed to pulling my mail from the server and managing it on my PC. I'm not into accessing my mail from a web page. I find server settings on the net for the server but outlook won't connect. I suspect I'll have to contact them. I had to register an email with them when I signed up that I can no longer access after canceling my previous provider. So far it's a mess that I can't seem to fix.
I hope there is a way to pull my mail. Maybe that's ancient tech too but I'm quite into that groove. I batch emails to two different groups regularly. I get mail from them regularly with phone and PC notifications. I'll be bummed if that can't continue.
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I figured out my email reader's problem. It needed a secure key that you can create if needed in your profile settings at ATT. You simply copy and paste that into your mail login as your password and viola. It seems a bit left handed and was all new to me so it took some stumbling around before I made it work. It was a new trick for an old dog. I next set my wife's email up. I had to create a new key instead of the key I was using... duh. It's all working now so when my old provider flips the big red switch, I'll still have my new email account which I've advised everyone of the change.... I hope. :)

Next up is dropping DirecTV and go completely streaming. It will be easy to switch but again it will take a lot of stumbling before we become comfortable with the change. I'm sure going to miss my baseball.
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Oh, you'll still get your baseball, just different games and teams.
I've been looking at my options. I follow a number of teams and currently have the MLB package. My home team is the Royals. They stink so bad that they will not make ESPN or network. If I didn't have the MLB package, I get all of the Royals games on Bally sports KC through DirecTV. When I drop DTV I'll lose the package and Bally KC. Not only will I lose the majority of my baseball, I'll lose my home team. I suspect that I sound like a spoiled child... because I am. I've had the MLB package for a number of years and have always been able to watch the Royals through cable and then DTV. I'll miss my baseball.

Bally sports is offered by a number of streaming services. I can subscribe after confirming that Bally KC is part of their programming. I can subscribe to a streaming service that offers the MLB package or simply subscribe directly from MLB.com.
All of it is doable but it makes streaming a lesser value. I talked my wife into making the big change so we would pay less. I've got to make that happen or I'm in the dog house. :)
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