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Accessories Anyone else wear a duty or utility belt for work?

I should start to this thread by answering the obvious question- I am a police officer, and additionally, I'm into gadgetry like most of us here. Though I think that big bites some cops worse than others. My Incredible comes in handy for work purposes and for entertainment during down times.

I've been using a Seidio Rugged case and holster. The case has been decent. The thing I like most about this case is the fact that the holster clip fits on a duty belt. I like carrying my phone on my belt and not in my shirt pockets, it makes the pockets sag and look sloppy.

One of the tabs on the exoskeleton broke off after I took the case off the other day. I'm considering getting another case; possibly an otterbox defender or one of the casemate cases.
I wanted to know if anyone knows of any cases whose holsters accommodate duty belts. If you have any input, I'd appreciate it.

Additionally if you have any good uses or applications for public servants, please share it here.

As always, watch your 6.

(I thought this would be ok here, since this thread involves general day-to-day use).


I too use the Seidio Rugged case and fortunately mine hasnt broken yet. I also looked at the Trident cases but I don't think they have holsters. Personally I don't carry mine on my duty belt because I'm too afraid if losing it in a foot pursuit, which has been happening quite often lately. I'll keep my eye out and pass the word if I find anything worth mentioning.

Stay safe.
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I'm not worried about my phone falling out for 2 reasons,

1. I don't do much foot pursuing. If he's outta my sight, "F" him.
2. I don't think it would come out of the holster easily.

I am considering getting a casemate case, after seeing a friends case for his Galaxy S phone, and just using a leather pouch. But I have had one of those "release" a phone after jumping a fence. I like the holster option a little better, I think they look kinda slick.

Does anyone know if the Defender holster will work well on a duty belt? If I can't figure anything out I think I'm gonna get the casemate and take a Droid X leather pouch, or maybe Seidio will replace the exoskeleton...


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I have both the Seidio Rugged and the Otterbox Defender. I have always used Defenders but IMO Otterbox dropped the ball with the Inc. My phone shakes inside the Defender and the silicone is really loose and always comes off. I have contacted Otterbox and they sent me a replacement, but it is in the same condition. Plus they arent making the heavy duty (fits on a duty belt) holster for the Inc (as far as I know).

My Seidio Rugged had a tab break off too. So I reordered another Seiodio this morning.
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