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htc droid incredible

  1. Wanabfishn

    Root Is it worth rooting the droid incredible

    hi, new to the forum. I'm wondering how I can root my droid incredible to a later version of android. Currently have gingerbread (2.3.4) and would like to learn how to update it & to what version of OS is stable? OBTW I am using a pc with windows 10. (But do have an old netbook with XP or a...
  2. D

    Root Looking for advice for old phone

    Hello there! So I have a few Android phone around my house, used a security cameras basically. HTC Incredible HTC Incredible 2 HTC Desire (I think?) HTC One M7 Everything runs fine for the most part. But I want them to run better and be more stable. The two Incredibles Have the biggest...
  3. cyrusjames143


    pro or gods please help me im still new and i deleted some importants system apps now i have to turn off my phone by taking out the battery, my home button doesnt work when i open google play it cant connect to my wifi and i cant connect my phone to my computer my only hope is my SD card please...
  4. oppendroid

    Root Need to wipe rooted Incredible with CM10 and Goo.im?

    It has been a VERY long time since I've done anything with my Incredible. I would like to wipe my personal info to give the phone to a friend or donate it. I cannot seem to do a factory reset . . . it sends me to HBoot and then it freezes and I have to pull the battery. This is the info from...
  5. D

    Root Kernel flashing

    Looking for info on flashing a faster kernel in order to play minecraft on my dinc. It won't even open right now. Let alone let me play it. Any suggestions?
  6. D

    Root HTC incredible custom roms

    What are the best custom roms for the HTC incredible? I'm currently running an unofficial build of cm9.0.
  7. Redog

    Help Timeout using tether

    Started having issues a month ago when I wanted MotoGP Live Timing App on the phone. I DL'd it from KAT and put it on the SD card. I could never locate the app. Took it to the friend who had rooted this phone and he couldn't find it. No sweat. Took it home and removed the app from the SD card...
  8. X

    Help htc incredible adr6300 driver

    I am trying to use the USB tethering feature of the HTC Incredible (ADR6300) from Verizon. Unfortunately the drivers are no longer available from htc.com, HTC Sync does not provide drivers for this model. Anyone know where I can get drivers for this phone so my PC can recognize it? Right now...
  9. X

    Root Problem rooting Droid Incredible

    Ok so I have tried like 3 different methods to root my phone, but I can never finish rooting them, cause I can't get my phone to recognize in the bootloader to my pc, when my phone is turned on, my pc has no problem with it, but when I go to bootloader, my pc doesn't even know the device is...
  10. Skynet11

    Official HTC Droid Incredible User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC Droid Incredible User Manual - The official HTC Droid Incredible User Guide Read more about this resource...
  11. F

    HTC Droid Incredible Can't flash or boot recovery

    I unlocked the device, and now when I try to flash or boot a recovery image, it says: Sending 'recovery' <9038 KB> ... OKAY [ 1.180s ] writing 'recovery' ... FAILED (remote: Image update error) I'm not really sure what to do here, and I've tried a few different recoveries.
  12. T

    Broken USB port

    My son has been using my old Dinc as an mp3 player, but has broken the micro USB port. I can't find any replacement parts for it, or at least they are obscured by the parts for the Incredible 2 or Incredible S - or are they the same? Are there any reliable sources for this part? The only other...
  13. S

    Help 3G is not working

    Earlier this week, my Droid Incredible stopped connecting to the 3g network in places where I was previously able to connect without a problem. The icon isn't even showing up at all. Every once in a great while, the '1x' symbol will show up for a few seconds and then disappear. I have tried...
  14. D

    Dinc Unrevoked or FROYO OTA ZIP

    I have activated my old Incredible on straight talk, but, it is on Android 2.1, build 1.22.605.0. Because of this I am not able to get some apps that I need. I thought I would root it using Unrevoked and load CM, but, the downloads on Unrevoked website no longer work. Does anyone have a copy...
  15. R

    Low on Space - "Phone storage space is getting low"

    I have that notification on my phone but I have 449MB of free space and I'm only using 299MB. I am using the first Droid Incrediblebut I couldn't find the forum for that one. I searched through threads about this issue that were already posted here but they all seem to be from people who...
  16. C

    droid incredible screen tint

    i was recently trying to fix the charging port so I opened it up by taking out the 4 screws. I fixed the charger by gluing it back in place and ten put it back the ay I took it apart, quite simple, however wen I turned it on I noticed the screen now ad a peculiar rein tint to it tat wouldn't go...
  17. R

    Root Rooted Incredible now can't recieve texts

    I have a rooted HTC Incredible running Cyanogenmod 7.2.0-inc. Seemingly all of a sudden, I stopped being able to receive texts. I can send them fine. I don't know exactly when it happened, I just thought I was being ignored. I tried removing all the programs that may have caused this. I tried a...
  18. J

    Help Incredible crashes and now won't turn on

    I've had the phone for maybe 8 months and last week it started to crash a bit often, it'd just turn off for no reason. then it started doing it more and more frequently to the point where I couldn't turn it on at all without it crashing immediately. I've tried a factory reset twice but to no...
  19. F

    Help HTC Incredible TM White Screen Keeps Flashing - Phone Won't Boot - Please Help

    Hi, I just got an HTC Incredible (original model) that I bought from a dealer on Amazon to activate on Straight Talk. Well, I don't know what exactly happened. I had completed the transferring of my phone number, and as I was waiting for the port to complete, I went ahead and connected to...
  20. N

    Help Font characters not showing up when typing

    I gave my brother my old Incredible that was rooted, running CM7 with CWM installed, and running ADW.Launcher. Long before I gave him the DINC I had taken out the SD card and put it in my new S4--which I had forgotten about when I sent it to him. Now, he can turn the phone on and it boots...
  21. N

    Root New Incredible user... ROM recommendation?

    Hi there. So I had an iPhone 5 that recently broke (don't hate! lol). My wife's old Droid Incredible was sitting in our nightstand, and I'm hoping that maybe I can use it for the next 6 months until I can get a new phone under contract. Really, I just need to be able to make phone calls, light...
  22. A

    Root HTC Explorer - Unroot and Relock Bootloader

    Hi I want to relock the bootloader and unroot the phone. What i exactly want is i want to do a factory reset on this phone. But it is rooted now. If i do factory reset, It will end in bootloop. I haven't flashed any custom rom. I want to keep the default os which i got it from the phone...
  23. C

    Help Droid Incredible Not turning back on!!

    My droid incredible started having problems the other day with any apps I open force closing so I factory reset it but then it would just give me no storage space warning even when there was no anything on the phone or sd card. I then turned it off and went to bed but now when I boot it up it...
  24. E

    Help HTC Incredible s won't charge any more?

    Hi there, Recently I have charged my phone into lorry (V24) and then some day my phone stopped charging correctly. Now I cannot turn on phone at all as the last message I saw was "your phone is using more current than the charger is able to deliver.' What that supposed to mean ? I have...
  25. S

    Help HTC Droid Incredible 1 {{adr6300}} restart no power ??

    hello members : i have HTC Droid Incredible 1 model: adr6300 restart on log no power i try flash ruu RUU_Incredible_C_Gingerbread_S_VERIZON_WWE_4.08.60 5.2_Radio_2. ned full complet ...good . but didnt work and flash PB31DIAG give me...