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Anyone experience laggy g9's. Here is a sorta solution.

Steve Adams

Well-Known Member
Nov 8, 2010
Newfoundland Canada
After thinking about the specs of this tablet and the sometimes laggy behaviour, I found out that after a couple of hrs use with many apps open you use up the available ram rather quickly. If you start to notice the tablet slowing down etc, reboot, and its snappy and fast. I make it a point to reboot when I put it on charge for the night. So its snappy and fast when I wake up and use it. Just a little tip. I think this lag is an issue with the 80 and 101 g9. Hopefully everything will be smooth and fast with the g10. The 80g9 is the perfect size for a general use tablet tho. More screen real estate then the nexus, but not to much that its uncomfortable typing in portrait layout.
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