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Help Anyone know the OTG connected flash drive max capacity for the S8+?

Android only supports FAT32 and exFAT for external USB media so the issue doesn't sound like it necessarily has anything to do with that Sandisk flash drive itself but there's a good chance whatever OTG adapter is the actual problem. If that is the case, it makes no difference what USB storage media you try, if the OTG adapter/cable isn't compatible with your S8, nothing can be detected and mounted.
Do other USB devices connect to your S8 through this OTG adapter/cable and it's just this Sandisk drive that's a problem? That would indicate the problem is with the Sandisk drive and your phone. If you cannot get anything to connect to your S8, using that OTG adapter/cable, that would indicate that it is the problem.
What OTG cable/adapter do you have?
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