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Anyone using "say my name"?


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Apr 8, 2010
New York
It will announce who is calling by their name or the phone number if they are not in your contact list. It also will announce who sent you a text or email. It will read it to you, the sms or email subject line, if you want as well. You can customize it to say whatever you want when something comes in. It's a pretty cool app. I assume if you don't have K-9 mail the other features will still work. It's nice to know who sent you stuff without having to look at your phone. Just started using it, but I haven't found a problem with it yet.
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Was looking at the comments on appbrain....

Can anyone confirm the level of customization - can it be set to only announce certain calls? -

Can it be disabled/toggled on/off?

I think it can be set to only announce calls in your contacts, but I don't think it can be configured beyond that. It can be toggled on/off if you want, but I think you have to go into the settings to do that. I love it. I have a tendency to leave my phone at my desk or someplace when I go off to talk to someone else in the office. I can hear it ring, but if it's not someone I want to talk to, I want to walk across the office, pick up the phone and then see who it is. I like having it just say the name so I know immediately if I want to go answer the phone or not.
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