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Anyone using this?

Yeah, it is nice to see something different.

The trouble for me is that I'm very used to doing things a certain way, e.g. having a second homescreen with a full-page scrollable agenda (Niagra can add one widget, but it ends up much smaller), having my apps categorised (by me) rather than alphabetised. If this could be an app drawer replacement or as one screen on a more conventional launcher I'd be all over it. Whether I can live with just this I'm less confident.
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I'd like the hear from @codesplice since he's the one that turned me onto this. What are the other cool things this does.
Yeah dude, I love this launcher. It's a big departure from the typical Android launcher so I totally get that it won't work for how everyone wants their homescreen to behave - and that's fine, we've got options!

Some of my favorite features/tricks:
  • Selected media app(s) automatically jump to the top of the home screen when I connect my headphones, and slick playback controls appear when something's playing.
  • The minimal Niagara widget shows the current date and weather as well as any upcoming appointments. Tapping it expands a more detailed weather panel as well as the next few days worth of calendar events.
  • You can use swipe actions to emulate folders; a single tap on my Chat shortcuts opens chat, while swiping right on that shortcut allows me to pick one of my other messaging apps.
  • Niagara integrates with Sesame to provide ultra-fast super-powered search. Just swipe up to instantly search through contacts, apps, settings, shortcuts, playlists, web results, and more.
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