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Anything like Front Mission 3


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Apr 16, 2010
Years ago I played a game on the Playstation (or was it PS2?) called Front Mission 3. A Japanese turn by turn tactics game with the usual battle robots fighting.

Was thinking that this sort of game should work well on touchscreen and wondered whether there was anything like it on Android. Final Fantasy tactics looks similar but the price is a bit steep just to see what it's like.

Could go the emulator route and play the original but would prefer a native app
So you want a trpg even without a mecha theme? Welp, there are very few trpg with a quality of fm and ff tactics with complex and strategical terrain and a moving story on android but with that being said you can give this trpgs a shot:

Ambition of Slimes(Free) in terms of strategical terrain this one is probably the best and it also have some unique features of its own.

Legend of Ixtona(Paid) have a decent story, great graphics and decent characters. Not really that strategicalbut still require a little thinking.

Rebirth of Forune and Mystery of Fortune(paid) not really a trpg since there is barely any terrain strategy involed that much but its cheap and pretty decent.

Record of Agarest, Genaration of Chaos, Blazing Soul Accelate, Spectral Soul by HyperDevBox. The only games that can compete with any SE games interms of quality and depth.
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