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[APP][2.2+] DigiControl/DigiSSHD 0.1.01 - SSH server with ACL


Apr 22, 2012
DigiControl - Lightweight Android agile helper for console applications. It is based on C++ Boost, Scala, AspectJ.

DigiSSHD component for DigiControl, based on Dropbear SSH Server and OpenSSH SFTP Server.

This is alpha stage software


DigiSSHD is a DigiControl component that provide:
  • Security Shell - remote shell service or command execution
  • Security Copy - transfer files between android and remote client
  • Security FTP - transfer files between android and remote client
BTW look for SFTP vs. SCP

It is based on open source software:
  • Dropbear server (Shell and SCP) available under MIT license
  • OpenSSH server (SFTP) available under BSD license

DigiControl is agile helper for console applications such as a network services, local utilites and so on. DigiControl have a lot of things under the hood that allow to start/stop/restart Digi components, interact with sessions and permissions and much more. It is mediator between installed components, plugins, android device and you.

It is alpha stage software writen in Scala language. Scala on Android is a bit out of mainstream, so take it easy. Bridge piece is on C++ BOOST.
Large part of the DigiControl source code available at GitHub as DigiLib library under Apache 2.0 license.
Core part of the DigiSSHD source code available at GitHub under GPLv3 license, another one available as DigiLib library under Apache 2.0 license.
FYI There are a lot of threads and hundreds of places with watchdog timer and thousands of places with recovery logic. Also user interface and background service are independent processes.

  • If application freeze... The longest watchdog timeout is about 5 minutes, the shortest watchdog timeout is 1 second, most of them - not more then 20 seconds. Wait. After unfreeze, upload report to us.
  • If application block something or show something unexpected, as you think ;-) Upload report to us, then rotate you device. After device rotated, there'll be reinitialization.
  • If something blows up, it explodes with stack traces, uh, Sssssmmmokie! Restart application after crash, upload report to us.
You may upload report via context menu. The report dialog will be appear automatically if there is a stack trace.

If you have an idea how to improve DigiNNN or a wish to change something, please submit your idea via GitHub tracker. Please, submit technical issues too.

There is only DigiSSHD component available at this time. DigiSSHD is sshd server that provide secure shell, scp and sftp

Please install DigiControl and DigiSSHD simultaneously. This is two parts of the single application.


There are two ACL types (access control list)
  1. interface ACL that defined what network interface(s) will be used (tab service)
  2. connection ACL that defined (by IP) allow/deny rules to access to phone, and interactive mode (tab session)
You may find current IP at information tab
Port option located at service tab


It may be interesting because it almost written in Scala. Actualy apk build with scala 2.8.2.
Scala 2.9.x and 2.10.0 M2 have some critical bugs in compiller and too fat :-( There are few insignificant java files. Maybe someday it will be replaced with scala code, but I don't want waste time.
Controller native helper written in C++ with BOOST (I don't like C, C#, java and assembler :( ) It is battery friendly single threaded asynchronous INETD server. This is the only non Scala part.
All application created in XXP style (extreme extreme programming :cool: ) - no unit tests, no design, no comments, only the simplest code that easy to read
If you find BUG :) sure you will ;-) Please open issue on github or click on report in context menu. Report will be uploaded to Google Cloud storage.

  • 0.1.01 - 16.05.2012
    Reduce size, move DigiSSHD to SD card
    Improve stability, add SCP groups helper, fix SFTP permissions
    Add activity event log
    Add session event log
    Add single user/multi user mode
    Improve interface, user management
    Fixes tons of bugs
  • 0.0.2 - 03.05.2012 mostly working
  • 0.0.0 - 21.04.2012 something working

Your Help Is Always Welcome

* user interface - unstable
* native helper - mostly stable
* dropbear server - stable

King Regards,

Please TURN ON subtitles in video.



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