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App crash cured by restart


Dec 16, 2014
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite SM-T220 with Android 11 and all software
updated. I start my digital day by choicing a news app from several I have in
one folder. Recently a few times when I open an app, not any particular one, after the app has
opened and I chose an item to read it goes back to the folder. Despite repeating
opening sequence the result is the same. If I then restart the tablet then all is
well and acts as normal. Whilst I know it is not strictly necessary, from habit
using previous Android versions, I generally close each app when I finish so that
only one app is running. I definitely close all apps before switching off.

I have Bitdefender Security, paid version, installed and it has not reported any

I have tried online searches to find running apps but none of them so
far have led to settings as my tablet. Guidance on how would also be appreciated in anticipated of future problems

Not a serious problem at this stage but an annoyance.
Help, ideas anybody
Try ditching Bitdefender.

These 'security' apps are anything but what they claim to be, and are not needed on Android- regardless of what they or the media tell you.

They run constantly (and hog up resources) and leave your device more vulnerable due to the permissions they 'need' to 'work'.

These are apps that cannot be turned off by the system when the system needs more RAM, and sothey slow your device and can cause other grief (like crashing apps).

Also, news apps that I have seen are not that great.
Generally they are chock full of ads, and often run in the background even if you close them.

Personally, I had a system set up very similar to what you have described with multiple news apps under one launcher that was separate from the regular launcher.

After I grew tired of ads and apps running in the background, I then found other apps (I set this all up more than once) that allowed me to access each of my news sources via their individual websites.

This worked fairly well, unless I wanted to share links with other apps and such.
(The apps I used for this were sandboxed, and always refused cookies by default, so there were pesky issues.)

I finally learned to use a secure browser that has unlimited bookmarks and unlimited tabs.

Every site I desire is saved as a bookmark, I can have as many open tabs as I desire, and I can share things however I like.

Also, this means that I only have ONE app to close.

This browser also allows for clearing of cookies, history, tabs, and web storage (individually) when the app is closed.

It couldn't be more simple, and greatly speeds up my online activities.

I have used this browser for years, and always recommend it to start because it is the original.
There are other versions that include other features (such as dark mode and more), and you can have multiple of these all at the same time.

Also, they are small.
They use the Android System Webview that is built into every Android device.
You may need to change your webview setting in developers options, depending upon the device.

Try it, and let me know if you have any issues or questions.

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Thanks very much for detailed response. I tried downloading f-droid but found the whole process confusing. One part telling me better to use something and then when downloading it was ignored and taken to the apk. From the apk masses of links but search only goes to those links e.g. will not go to a newspaper. Basically the minor aggravation is less trouble than learning f-droid
I have started using Brave browser on my desktop which has same features when closed as f-droid so I will try it on my tablet
Thanks again
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