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[APP] ctOS Browser v2.0.6 Updated: 11/20/18


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Welcome to ctOS Browser​

This browser is now your best friend, for the 1at time i decided to build my own browser using open source code witch you view in the application at any given time.

ctOS Browser is alternate browser designed for simplicity & for those who really dont want alot of features in a browser, this browser not only doesnt include sites that are rarely used, but the browsers size is small enough to install.

This is my first browser to make and hope to hear your feedback to improve the application overtime i will update the app to improve the appearance or fix bugs that are present, their are features implemented in the app for current genration of android so the app can run smoothly on higher end versions of android.

This browser supports

* I2P Protocol

* Reading Mode

* Adobe Flash Player (Not Supported in Android v5.0+) & Much More!

We are hosting this app via Aptoide and currently dont have the money to host it on the Google Play Store

Download Now: http://ctosonline.weebly.com/ctos-browser.html

NOTICE: Due to the app being on Aptoide for the 1st time, aptoide may give a false warning about malware, keep in mind i would never intentionally build or upload apps that contaijs malware that is unprofessional and not right of me, if i did upload a application that dies contain malware in any form or fashion i wouldnt post it at all, the feedback you provide on the aptoide store this can clear up the mess and providing feedback also helps the app get cleared



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Changelog (v2.0.6):

  • Added new "Battery Save Mode" option in Advanced Settings.

  • Added "Send Usage Stats" in the About.

  • Added Descriptions to each setting option so if want to know witch setting does what, it will tell you

  • On the option "Allow Sites to Open a New Window" we have changed it to "Allow apps to open a new tab".

  • On the option in display settings we have changed it to "Enable Material Mode".

  • Made some improvements to the chromium engine.

Changelog (v2.0.5):

  • Reverted the UI changes from v2.0.2 as it caused webpages to crash and no load javascripts properly

  • Added New Chromium Engine (Enabled by default) the browser will now render within app when needed to load intense scripts and graphical enviorment

  • Added in "About" Check For Updates this way you can check for app updates easily instead of going to this thread

  • Added in "About" our youtube channel to see more videos on what you like to see!

  • Fixed a big that caused Memory to be hogged when the chromium engine is enabled

  • Redesigned App icon

Changelog (v2.0.0):

  • Fixed a bug where signing into google via browser and a 3rd party application denies sign in due to security issues

  • Added a New "Color Mode" in settings of the app change how webpages display colors

  • Added New Autofill service this service will communicate with your existing autofill services to login into websites easily

  • Improved apk size

  • DRM Media Control Is now implenented to protect you from fake pirated content

  • App will now require Google Play Services to run for better network optimization

  • Fixed a bug where at times the browser will be confused to load websites and load them slowly

  • Added a option in Settings that allows you to restore lost tabs

  • You can now set the status bar to a black status bar instead of the new material design status bar in settings
Changelog (v1.0.2):

  • Improved Video optimization when watching video content within browser.

  • Improved connection between you and the website servers you are connecting too.

  • Improved Download Manager

  • Fixed issue with website requiring Flash Player Access (bug exsisted on Android v4.0+

Changelog (v1.0.1):

  • Added new permissions for contacts, location & more (are disabled by default unless you grant permissions)

  • Fixed a bug that wasn't clearing app data after exiting the app when the option to clear on exit is enabled

  • Fixed Connectivity issues with the Apache server
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