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[APP][FREE] Tomatoes Grocery List - More than 1M Downloads

Danilo C

Mar 13, 2014

Hi everyone!

After a tremendous success in Brazil, being elected the best app for grocery lists in 2013 by Google Play Brazil, Tomatoes arrives in the US. With Tomatoes, it's possible to create lists, receive product suggestions and keep record of previous purchases.

Imagine a grocery list that gives product suggestions as items are added to it. And the more used the list is, the better these suggestions get.

That is what Tomatoes does. It helps users to create their lists in a shorter time and, as they keep using the app, it will remember their preferences and offer better suggestions overtime.

People create grocery lists for them not to forget what to buy. This is a time consuming process and sometimes it's inevitable to forget a couple of products. Tomatoes saves its users' time and helps them to remember everything they need to buy.

How it works

We have created an algorithm that processes a large amount of data and calculates the statistical probability of adding a certain product. Basically, we identify products that are bought together with a high frequency and display them as suggestions

For example, after adding


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