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Dec 9, 2015
Fairy Live Wallpaper


❤ Are you searching for cute fairy princesses and baby fairies for your home and lock screens! Somewhere, in a land far, far away, lives a group of cute fairies, playing in an enchanted forest, waiting for someone to come and join them... Download Fairy Live Wallpaper and bring a real Wonderland to the screen of your phone and tablet! These cute wallpapers for girls will sprinkle your screen with fairy dust and dandelion seeds! If you are searching for “magical backgrounds” and a “fairy wallpaper for kids”, you are in luck – this collection of ten “cute backgrounds for pictures” will transform your screen into a realm of mythical beings and magical stuff! If you believe in elves, fairies, pixies and unicorns, these fantasy backgrounds are ideal for you! Get this adorable “fairy wallpaper” and bring the magic of a “fairy tale” to your desktop background! “Free fairy wallpapers” for all the little girls!

❤ Main features:
❤ Animated dandelion seeds, roses and hearts on your screen!
❤ Select the speed and density of floating objects!
❤ Choose from ten different “fairy tale wallpapers”!
❤ New wallpapers are added daily!
❤ “Fairy Live Wallpaper” will not drain your battery, because it will sleep when the phone is inactive!
❤ If the “fairy wallpaper” resets after the reboot, please move it to your device storage from your SD card!
❤ Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers!
❤ “Fairy wallpapers and backgrounds” are completely free!


❤ Beautiful wallpapers for home and lock screens, fairy backgrounds, magic themes for free, cute backgrounds for pictures and much more.
❤ Fairy Live Wallpaper is a unique app which brings you ten enchanted pictures of fairy tales, myths and beautiful baby fairies playing on your screen.
❤ Choose these enchanted live wallpapers and enjoy your new “magic app for free” with floating hearts and dandelion seeds!

❤ Choose a background with a cute baby pixie looking at a butterfly, or a tiny fairy sitting shyly on a delicate flower – those who love fairy tales will surely adore these beautiful live wallpapers for girls! Get these “fairy wallpaper themes” and enter the “dream world” and fairy tales the moment you set these cute backgrounds as your desktop images! Dive deep into your imagination, awake the child in you – get these “free fantasy wallpapers 3D” and decorate your screen with cute creatures such as pixies, butterflies, princesses, fireflies, elves and dwarfs! Share this beautiful Fairy Live Wallpaper with your friends and family – show them the beauty of the “fairy world” with the best collection of “screensavers and wallpapers for Android™” phones and tablets!

❤ Get this “fairy live wallpaper free” of charge and bring the magic of the fairy tales to your desktop! Ten “fantasy wallpapers” of cute pixies will decorate your screen in a lovely manner! You will be inspired by all the lovely baby nymphs in amazing colorful gowns with their translucent and frail wings which will remind you of a butterfly! Learn how to fly with these tiny enchanted creatures on your phone and tablet! Sing a happy song and think happy thoughts - never grow up with your new background images! Fairy Live Wallpaper will take you to enchanted lands where everything is possible. Download this free app and enjoy all the beauty of mystical fairy tales and fantasy stories on your screen!



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