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[APP] Mouse/keyboard sharing between PC and Android - Synergy for Android!

This app is incredible, I just had to share it with everyone.


Have you ever used the program Synergy, that lets you use one mouse and keyboard shared over wifi between your PC, Mac, and Linux computers, as if they were just extra displays? This is exactly like that, only it shares between PC and Android!

So now when I'm working on my PC, and I get a text message on my phone, I just move my PC's mouse cursor past the right edge of the screen, and suddenly I have a mouse cursor on my phone! Even if your phone is asleep and locked, it will automatically wake it up, and then you can just use the cursor to unlock it! Then use your keyboard to reply to the text message, and it even shares your clipboard wirelessly.

Caveats: Requires a rooted phone for wifi sharing, otherwise you can only do it through USB-ADB. Requires you to manually set the phone's screen orientation on the PC server side; if your phone changes screen rotations, it screws everything up. Might not work on Androids that do not natively support a mouse cursor, but my Galaxy S3 automatically creates a mouse cursor when you plug in a USB-OTG mouse, not sure how it would work on phones that don't do that.


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