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App(or Method) to get to "hidden" settings

So basically i have a acer aspire1 but the device isnt really important for this issue (which is why i didnt post it in the acer section :D), anyway the version of android it runs has some of the settings hidden away from access for some unknown reason, of importance to me are the "location and security settings", i need these settings to be able to access my uni's wireless network, but i cant get to it

the settings and the menus exist(obviously) as another setting during wireless setup will show u the settings but not let you touch them :mad:

So does anyone know of any apps that give you access to all settings or know of a method to "unhide" the settings

note:its based off android 2.1 and is rooted
second note: Insyde are complete morons and are literally destroying a small peice of googles market


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