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App organizing widget

Frag Mortuus

Sep 29, 2011
Hey guys,

I recently sold my old phone and formatted it before hand. Well, the problem I have is that I was using my favorite app ever and can't figure out what it was called so that I can reuse it now.

What the app did was organize your icons on your home screens. It added a widget that created a window you added apps to. You chose the size of the windows like 4x1, 4x2, etc. If you added more items that the window could display it would allow you to scroll to see the rest of the apps.

The way it worked was, you launched the app. Once launched, you pick a window size, then you choose to add apps. The program then opens a list of all your installed apps and you check off all the ones you want to be in that folder. Once you have chosen all the available options, you tell it to create the widget. It then takes you to the screen where you choose where your widgets go.

That is all the info I have I think. I would LOVE if someone knew what the name of it was. If it helps, it is similar and IMO better that "Folder Organizer".

Thanks for the help!


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