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App recommendations for reminders and dispointed in bluetooth features.


Jun 20, 2013
Well this is kind of a two part post as it doesn't make much sense to create two posts.

First off I have a bad memory and it really hinders my productivity. I can set up task in evernote or google calander but the issue is If I don't remember to unlock and look at my phone It doesn't do me any good.

Are there any good apps out there for creating reminders that have an audio alert? I need something that will alert me audibly instead of Only notifications.

Also I need to use my phone while driving but I refuse to take my phone out and look at it while driving because its dangerous as hell so I bought a bluetooth headset.

It works great for taking calls but thats about it.. So far my experience with Bluetooth headset functionality has been extremely underwhelming.

I would like to be able to do more than just Answer calls or make a call. I want to be able to have my texts read aloud, set calender appts, set reminders, or send a text with my voice, or open an app with my voice, etc.

Google Now can do most of these things BUT it seems not with a headset. Or atleast not with a headset if you ever want to keep your phone locked.

I've tried sooooo many different apps and tweaks to get the functionality I want but so far have had no luck.. I tried Bluetooth Launch app to set my bluetooth button to open google Now. But if the phone is locked it doesn't work so I downloaded Tasker and set it to keep the phone unlocked when bluetooth is connected and that didn't work out well.

I've tried so many different things And I'm just left disappointed............

Does anyone have and app recommendations or ideas or anything on how I can get more use out of my BT headset? maybe I have been going about it wrong I don't know.



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