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App TinyCam Pro not working on Xcover5

Hi There Folks. . I have a problem with an app called (tinycam pro) the app is for my home security IP cameras. It loads up OK and detects all 4 cameras, but will not play the video stream. I get message incorrect name and password on screen. My old Nokia 2.2 has no issues with app and my android TV box plays app without issues either. They are both running android 11.All permissions have been given to my Samsung xcover5 for thIs app.I have uninstalled the app and reinstall several times, still no luck. I have also uninstall android Web browser and reinstall it with no result. Also, my other apps work just fine on the phone, it just this one (tiny cam pro) by Tiny Solutions LLC. Any suggestion to solve the issue would be very much appreciated, Thank you for your help
Just an update on this post. I got the cameras to work on the phone in the end. I did so by adding another camera brand into the app program . The brand of my existing cameras were phylink & i added two Reolink cameras to the system. The Reolink cameras have their own separate app anyway , which is brilliant. The cameras all work on home wifi on the Tiny Cam APP ,But when i view them away from home or off site , only the phylink cameras play video on the app and the Reolink do not ,I got no reply from Tiny Cam after reaching out to them for assistant.
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