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App to allow ON CALL keypad to be in landscape mode?


Nov 4, 2014
After an update, I'm not sure which one, possibly from Jelly Bean to KitKat, my dialer stopped working properly while in landscape mode.

I had the Motorola Droid Razr HD Maxx and when I placed it into the Motorola car dock, the dialer would automatically go into landscape mode. After the update, it still did this but 2 issues started happening.

1) The image of the person I was calling was cropped off at the top

2) More importantly, the keypad that you can use to enter tones while on a call is squished and the number overlap.

With this second issue, I am referring to the keypad that produces tones WHILE ON A CALL not the keypad that dials the number that you want to call. The latter keypad displays correctly.

I've tried installing "dialer" apps that go into landscape mode but once the call is started, it goes out of any app and into the phone's (android) dialer and the problem continues.

Is there any app that can replace the built in dialer that loads once the call starts?

I am currently using a Droid Turbo and it doesn't recognize any "dock" modes so I have to use an app like "Set Orientation" to get the dialer into landscape mode but it has the same issues as the HD Maxx. I think any phone on KitKat would have this behavior.

* I uploaded two screenshots for examples but I don't know if they will display because the forum message entry screen is giving me this warning: "
As a new user you cannot yet post links or images. This is an anti-spam measure, we apologize for any inconvenience."
Thanks for any help.


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