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App triggering phone call from web server


I am looking for an Android application that could act as a gateway between my web server and phones: I would like to make a call with a recorded audio message (a file on the Android phone) which would be triggered by a http request on a server of the Android phone.
A little bit like the app SMS Gateway allows me to send SMS from my web server (and also to read them).

I have found services on the web but as I already have a phone doing the gateway for SMS, I would like to use the same device for the audio messages, that would give me more flexibility.

If anyone knows an application that performs that kind of thing or point me in the right direction, I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance,
triggered by a http request on a server of the Android phone.
This is a bit of a conceptual problem. An Android phone has no server. (Or are you talking about running one in the phone?) It can connect to a server, but so can any device that connects to the internet. (And servers don't make requests until something happens that tells them to make one.)

What I'm not getting here is the sequence. The phone contacts the server, plays this audio, triggering the server to send an SMS? The server contacts the phone, triggering the phone to send an SMS having something to do with the recording?

I'm not asking for any proprietary secrets (although to actually come up with something that would work for you, you'd probably have to give me enough information that you'd want me to sign a NDA), but a basic understanding of what you're trying to do here might give me some idea of how to go about thinking of some ways of doing it.

Right now, all I'm getting is "have a server [that doesn't conceptually exist] do something that servers don't do, to accomplish some arcane task that I don't understand."

99% of writing a program is done in English - you write out exactly (and I mean in steps that make a newborn baby seem like an Olympic runner) what you want done, tiny step by tiny step. After that it's just a matter of figuring out how to make a computer do it, and that's usually trivial or easier. It's the "want done" part that's the hard work.

The best program I've ever worked with was written on a white board, in English and diagrams, by the CEO if the company. He couldn't program a game of "press the space bar" in any computer language, but the device he designed the program for is still running - 35 years later. Granted, some of us techie types spent long weekends (like 24/7 from Friday morning until we napped enough to drag ourselves home Wednesday or so) making his "have this gadget turn this gzimochie that way" actually work in a computer, but that's the "digging the hole" part, not the "designing the shopping center" part. Programming, good programming, is designing a shopping center that actually works. Having the Food Court people work from 11PM to 6 AM doesn't work out too well. Digging the hole to put the building in is ... well ... just digging a hole, it's NOT "designing a shopping center".
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OK, sorry for not being clear, no need for a NDA here.
What I want to achieve is my web server to be able to contact real people on events that happens on the server.
I have done it via SMS thanks to SMS Gateway (there are other apps doing the same) that allows to send SMS programmatically.

I would like to be able to make a phone call via an audio recorded message, to alert people. This will be triggered from a program (my web server).
I've found many SMS gateway programs: I am looking for a phone call gateway program ! !
I am looking to get the functions provided on the web by some companies (Voice Broadcasting,
Monarch Broadcasting, ...) but with a phone in my country (nothing against the States but it makes more sense as I will call only one -or a few- local phone number) and the flexibility on a in-house solution.

Let me know, if you know something.

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