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app with spreadsheet autofilter?


Deleted User

Hello all,
Just bought an HTC Wildfire last week and this is my first post!

I was wondering if anyone knows of a spreadsheet app that can view an excel spreadsheet with autofilter? Basically I use a very simple spreadsheet on my PC for tasks with column headings like Next Action - Project - Context - Complete etc and each of these has a filter so I can change the list for one particular project or context. I'd like to be able to carry or sync a copy of this to my phone but all of the apps that I have viewed so far do not have the filter function and with the office app supplied with the phone the sheet just comes out as one big jumbled list.

Alternatively if there was a program that would do the same job that had an application on the pc that would sync to the phone that would work too.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks Mcat but the problem with google spreadsheet is that it doesnt have a filter on the web version and that is the one feature that I need. Strangely the mobile version has a filter function but not on the desktop web version. I could potentially use excel on my laptop then upload this to google docs periodically and access this version from my mobile but its not ideal.
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