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Apple's security problems go on

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If you want some facts and opinions about iOS security, discussed before, click the button, if not, that's cool too.

Just an fyi to pass on to your friends still using the iPhone - neither ecosystem is truly safe. See also -


Not saying that to bash the other guys - just a point of truth -> security is everyone's business, there are no corporations for us to trust. ;)

FWIW, you may consider rooting your Android phone (equivalent of getting Admin access on a PC or Mac) and then installing DroidWall (Android firewall). I don't let apps out on the network unless it's ok with me to begin with.

(link quoted below)

Main differences, Apple has VERY high standards for apps released to the app store, Google's standards aren't AS high, some 3rd-party markets (Amazon is one) are trying to improve the quality and security of apps.
I think we all used to believe that, but if you're like me, you'll find this sample of info very interesting.

Security researcher proves that Apple's security claim is not really true:

iPhone Security Flaw Shows Potential for App Store Malware | PCWorld

Apple responds by removing his developer's license rather than working with him to fix the issue.

Can you trust that the app you got is the actual app, thanks to Apple's airtight standards?

Not really.

Fake Camera+ app hits the iPhone App Store | Naked Security

And are those unique cases or is the problem real and spreading?

Real and spreading.

How Apple is losing its grip on mobile app security

How about your personal data? Which protects it better - Apple's App Store or the independent store from Cydia?

Answer: Cydia

App Store Security Flaws - Is your iPhone Protected? 2011 Study - YouTube

Google and Apple seem about tied for security - and neither is good enough.

The idea that the App Store involves higher standards and better security is simply an urban myth, but that's just my opinion.

PS on app quality - http://androidforums.com/lounge/494401-android-more-stable-than-ios-phandroid-article.html

Never mind Apple's security - worry about your own!

Quoted for truth.
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Thought this might tickle the nervers of some of the Android community. We just discovered an issue with Apple ID, where you can hijack the Apple ID of someone on the same WiFi network.

You can read more about it here: Hackers can steal your AppleID in 10 s | Shootitlive

I see.

Silly me, I assumed that this was about phones. :rolleyes:

Your site's article is about how two Macs running Mountain Lion version of OS X on the same wifi network, can be compromised.

Not sure why that would tickle the nerves of the Android community, as one is a desktop OS and the other is a phone OS.

In any case, quite a few people use Mountain Lion with their Android phones, so I'll go ahead and leave this up.

If anyone has a problem with the lock, drop me a line, my door is always open.
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