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apps and other settings not restoring onto new device


Mar 10, 2011
picked up an s22 ultra to replace my s10.

this is the first time in a long time that i can remember either getting a new phone, or doing a factory reset on my phone that the apps and other data havent synced as soon as i sign into my google account. afaik, as i was going through setup, i selected anything that would indicate i would like to do so. installing my new apps are one thing, but having to ask everywhere and everyone i go what their wifi password is... thats dreadful.

is there anything i can do to force it to restore? in settings>accounts and backup, i can backup and restore from samsung cloud... but under google drive there is only backup available. on my s10, its showing my latest google one backup was 8 hours ago.
i can use that, and i DID use that... but why cant i use the built in android solution? why do i have to go to a manufacturers solution when there is an OS solution that should work, and has worked, and im familar with?

I assume you mean the Google solution? I can't really comment about that, as no Android devices I've got have it, except as an optional install, and so I've never seen or used it. Also I'd never want to use any device data transfer solutions that depend on the cloud.
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