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Root Apps compatibility on HP Slate 7


Jul 15, 2013
I recently got a HP Slate 7 and still reserving my judgment on this tablet :

Couple of issues I have faced are as follows -

1. The native android email does nor seem to work; inspire of configuring and removing few times I get a message " waiting for sync , your email will appear soon"; but the email never appears. Outlook and droidmail seem to work fine.

2. Many of the apps in the Play store do not seem to be compatible with Slate 7.. Disappointed that many favorite apps are not compatible.. Is it that every developer needs to support a new android tablet specifically ?

If my email do not work and favorite apps not compatible, this would just be a toy ..

I think its the version of OS its running, at 4.1.1 is a little behind as compared to to others but from what i have read they are going to update and they actually have updated sadly not the OS, but as with any new device hopefully we see improvements soon, i will say i like mine but mine is rooted so it does give me a few more options as compared to a stock rom and you shouldnt have to root to get these options. Hopefully they will update it to make more of a appealing tablet....:)
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