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Apps in foreground, screen off - battery drain


Apr 17, 2012
wasn't sure how to title the thread so hope this one is ok

Last night I decided to listen to a podcast just before going to sleep (about 39 mins in length)

I started it playing, in the default google music player and then put the screen to sleep

when i woke up this morning the battery was on 5%

I checked under battery for anything using it but nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except the little chart at the bottom showing the device had been awake most of the night

would leaving an app like this open and then turning the screen off consume a lot of battery even if its not playing anything?
thanks for reply

I have since charged so cannot check again, but i dont remember anything out of the ordinary in there, checked app usage and they had all been only active for at most a couple of hours (same as i normally see)

the only difference that stood out was the bars at the bottom 'Awake' was nearly a solid line, so assumed this was the app left on screen

been 4 hours since i charged it and battery is down to 80%, so whatever it was is not doing it now

will check again in the morning to see if anything strange happened
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The reason I asked about "Mediaserver" is because that's the process that runs when the audio output is being used.

If you find out that's what is using all of the battery, it's because the Google Music app is either not letting go of the audio hardware when it's done playing, or it went ahead and played something else after the podcast was over - all night.
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I'm having a problem with media server as well.

Wake lock= 120 :eek:
I don't have Google play music (or ANY music on the tablet at all)

I don't even have a music player installed ATM. Is there a way to get a more specific idea of what exactly mediaserver is doing?
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All audio goes through Mediaserver. Are you playing games, watching movies, etc.?

Nope. Nothing involving any audio. No notifications, no movies, no music, nothing

Hmmm..... today its not even on the list. I uninstalled Quickpic, and changed/removed/froze some unnecessary crap... seems to have cleared it up, and improved battery life too :)
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