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Apps randomly moving....


Apr 13, 2012
Hi folks,

I am on a rooted Galaxy S2 on Vodafone UK. I have installed Titanium backup as I wanted to backup my phone as I keep having to have repair work done on it - faulty mic.

I am familiar with phones having worked at Motorola, Qualcomm and Nokia...

Something weird is happening - I have put several applications that I do not use in a folder but every few days, the system seems to have moved the folder and put them back in the application area. I am assuming there are updates running or something in the system that sees these apps are not where it thinks they should be so they get moved?

Any ideas on this?

Thanks for any help!!

that does seem like the logical explanation, i know when i was running gb on my dx that would happen, if you have automatic updates checked on that rom, then when it is finished updating it will return back with the rest of the apps

i have heard there was a way around this, i think one explanation was turn off automatic updates, and there was another but i dont remember
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