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Are you running a task killer on your Transform? Maybe you shouldn't...


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Aug 15, 2010
I have been looking for ways to speed up my phone that do not involve rooting.

After some reading I came across this article

I know this can be a contested subject, so I am going to say now this is what I have seen.

I have uninstalled Advance Task Killer from my phone.

After doing so I have noticed a significant increase in speed of the phone, going through menus, using the web, and just multi tasking.

Again this is what I have seen and thought I would share this with fellow Transform owners.

I've found that I get the best battery life by using a task killer (I have ATK on mine) to manually kill apps each time I put the phone to sleep. This includes using ATK to kill itself. I tried removing it, based on this thread, and my battery life tanked by using nothing, so I put it back on to use this technique again until I find something better for free. ;)
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Yeah, I've been using ABI (Advanced Battery Improver) since the first week of owning my phone. I do notice it slows down and freezes sometimes but ONLY when I have the wi-fi turned on and it has lost connection to that hotspot.

My battery used to drain to 35% by the end of the work day without ABI.
Now my battery is at 70% consistently by the end of the work day. It seems to work for me.
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