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Arranging photo files on Galaxy S3

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I have about 350 photos -- all jpg -- from several sources including my galaxy s3 and two cameras. I downloaded everything to my PC, edited and arranged them. But every time I try to relaod them back to the S3, they are out of order. I've now spent hours renaming the files several times (using letters, numbers, a combination, etc.), both manually and with a renaming tool, to try to keep them in the correct order. Nothing works. Can anyone help?
You ARE aware that filenames appear in ASCII order, right? 1112 is smaller than 112, and appears first.

And the sort order of the app displaying the pictures (and "Explorer" or "Computer" in Windows is just an app) can change the display order regardless of the file names.

A few examples of "out of order" files might make an explanation easier for you to understand.
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