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Assistance with an upgrade issue.

The issue is with a Matricom Gtab nero. I did an OS upgrade from ice cream sandwich to jelly bean, using the Programs offered by Matricom. However I have two issues now. Well three actually.
1: The screen is 1/4 inch off with touch. Meaning that when I touch the screen in one physical location, the device reads it as being touched 1/4 inch to the right of my finger tip. As one can guess this makes use very difficult. Almost impossible. Some functions are actually not able to be done at all.

2: the accelerometer does not seem to be working. When the device is rotated it does not re-orient itself to correspond with new positioning. Yes auto roate has been selected and de-selected multiple times.

All this was not happening prior to the change in OS.

Which brings me to issue #3: Like a total noob, I did not make a copy of the original OS. So unless someone knows how I can copy the rom from the twin to this device that I have NOT updated yet, I have to figure out how to fix. OR if someone can direct me to a decent rom I can use instead.

This is just a toy for my 3 year old gran daughter to keep her entertained and off her mothers phone while out for drives, ect.

Thank you for any help.:eek:
And after multiple run around attempts of communication with Matricom, I finally get this reply :
Dear BILL ,

I'm very sorry, but your device is so far out of warranty that we don't even have the parts to repair any issues with your device, nor do we have the original firmware for it. The best I can tell you is to try the firmware from our site again and see if that fixes your issue.

The thing is but 2-3 years old. One would think that they would have to original system on file some where. Heck Microsoft does a better job with customer support.

So here I am. Stuck. Anyone have any suggestions? Other than taking a hammer to it?
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