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ASUS Transformer dead


Dec 2, 2013
Hi there.

I hope you can give me some idea of what might be wrong. I have a friends Asus Transformer (ft101) with dock, and the tablet i obviously "dead". It won't charge and it won't turn on no matter how long I hold the power button.
The battery seems to charge in the dock (led turned green after a while), so I disassembled the dock and connected the battery with the also disassembled tablet to test if the problem is a dead battery. But it still seems completely dead. My friend told me, that it all of a sudden didn't work anymore.
Any suggestion what it might be? I will test the CMOS-battery, but would that cause it to seem dead?
Suggestions what to do or try would be highly appreciated. :)
Friendly regards

PS: I'm completely new here, so I hope I'm doing things ok? :D


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