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Help Asus USB adapter question

I recently purchased my transformer pad infinity without the optional dock. I noticed the dock has its own full sized USB port, so i figured you could connect certain accessories too it, such as flash drive, mouse, controller, phone etc.

I went ahead and purchased the asus 30 pin usb adapter that plugs into the same spot the charger does. I tried to plug in my android phone into my android tablet through a usb cord, and the pad seems to recognize it for a second but i cant access the files on the phone to transfer files.

Does anyone know the limitations of the usb port? What it is capable of? Does the dock do something the usb adapter wont? Am i just doing something wrong? Any information would help, Thank you.
This is more of a limitation of the OS - the tablet does not have the drivers to recognize the phone and create the proper connection even though it is USB. With the full keyboard dock which I have) there are still limitations - I cannot use a mouse (none of the ones I have anyway), and only certain external DVD players / Blu-Ray payers work (there is a thread with more detail at XDA developers forums).

IIRC, the ASUS USB adapter provides the same functionality as the keyboard dock, and thus the same limitations. There is another thread at XDA specifically for the SUB adapter too.

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