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asus transformer infinity tf700t

  1. Bradley Scott

    tf700t possible brick?

    I would like to know if there is anyone who knows how to fix the bootloader error on a TF700T with the Unrecoverable bootloader error. I have access to fastboot and the entire device is wiped due to following another tutorial for fastboot to recover from the bootloop error.. there is no more...
  2. T

    Help Can't hard reset

    So our tablet sat on the shelf for a while and we forgot the to unlock it. NBD, just hard reset. Except....it doesn't work. I've tried the paperclip in the hard reset hole. I can feel button get pushed, but even after holding for about 10 to 15 seconds absolutely nothing happens. I've also...
  3. A

    Help TF700T Android System Updating...

    My Transformer TF700T is displaying the following whenever I try to access settings: "Attention! Android system updating now. Do no reboot or turn off the device during update. Please, try again later..." And then there's the green android robot icon. The rest of the screen is white/blank...
  4. S

    Help Can't unlock tablet after boot

    My android tablet (Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700t) ran out of power whilst I was using it, causing it to turn off. I plugged it in to charge, waited a good 30 seconds for it to charge enough to use whilst plugged in, and turned it back on. Android boot logo appeared, powered by NVidia...
  5. K

    Help email will no longer sync.

    This past month my email account will no longer sync to my tablet. I've entered credentials and password again but the device fails to connect. I have ASUS TF700T, Android 4.2.1. Using Roadrunner email. Has sw changed so that it no longer works with roadrunner? My laptop and desktop are...
  6. 525Merc

    TF700T do i ditch it or try to fix it?

    Hello, I could have sworn I asked this question before, but, I can't find it! So, here's the deal - I'm stuck with a very expensive paperweight. I loved my tablet for the first 2 years. Now, I'm sick of it! I can only run one or two programs and cannot find a good browser app. I can type...
  7. D

    Root How to downgrade from Custom Rom

    Hi Guys, I have the Asus Transformer Infinity tf700t (without the dock). It is rooted, has TWRP installed and TF700 Cromi-X Deodex 5.4 WW (4.2.1) installed .....Kernel Version 3.1.10- #3. I am having a few problems with this rom, nothing dramatic...
  8. W

    Help Insufficient storage available on TF700t!

    Device: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Rooted: YES!!! Unlocked: YES!!! ROM: Crombi-kk Recovery: ClockworkMod The TF700t comes with 32GB of storage. I still have A LOT of storage available. I want to download a few apps, like Pilot!, but it says insufficient storage available. Odd. So I...
  9. D

    Transfer files from TF700t to Windows 7 PC

    How do I transfer files to and from my Windows 7 PC and the Tablet? I connect it to the USB Port and Windows 7 detects the tablet but the tablet tries to find ASUS Sync on my PC and then fails and then disconnects the Table from my PC. I found ASUS Sync but when I try to install it I get a...
  10. L

    Help how to put files on a new user account?

    am still rockin' the asus transformer and recently created a new user which is kinda cool. BUT, i am unable to use the microSD card slot or the USB slot on this new user account. ASUS says its for privacy concerns which is whatever. So how do i get a file onto this new user account without...
  11. R

    Synching my Asus T700 with my PC

    Just tried syncing my tf700 with my PC. PC recognizes it but it will not allow me to sync, ie., Contact and Calender are grayed out and are not able to be selected. I notice that it is connected as a "media device". Is this correct and if not how do I change it? Appreciate any help.
  12. I


    That is the question. Now that I've got my boot loader woes sorted I gotta pick a rom. It seems these two are the most popular for the TF700 but which is best? I can't seem to find any sort of comparative tests or review, thoguh according to the XDA threads on both the OP posts a screenshot of...
  13. I

    Root Problem installing CWM/Error booting into recovery

    Hi Hi Everyone, I have a Asus TF700 (running the latest Asus firmware) the, warranty just ran out so I figured it was time to unlock and play with some custom roms. I got it unlocked using the Asus bootloader tool, I went to install CWM using fastboot and it seemed to go OK but then when I...
  14. S

    Refresh Fail

    I've had my Infinity going on almost 2 years now. The weather on the home page will not refresh. It's stuck on June 23, 2014. When go into the settings for that and try to refresh it a "refreshed failed" message popped up. I've restarted it and powered off and back on again. Still stuck on...
  15. R

    Asus Sync

    Just tried syncing my tf700 with my PC. PC recognizes it but it will not allow me to snc ie Contact and Calender are not able to be selected. I notice that it is connected as a "media device". Is this correct and if not how do I change it?:o
  16. D

    Access Tablet in Linux

    How do I Access my Transformer TF700t in Linux? When I connect it to a USB Port it only see it as a camera device and does not have access to the internal memory or the Memory Card like can be done in Windows. The tablet detects it is connected to a computer and is looking for that Asus Sync...
  17. D

    Root How do I install custom ROMs?

    How do I install a custom ROM? on my Asus Infinity TF700t? I've unlocked the tablet enabled USB Debugging and installed Goo Manager but when I enable recovery mode by holding down volume down and power I don't see the USB Icon I only see thae RCK Icon Android Icon and wipe data icon. I tried...
  18. D

    Root Bootloader Unlocker where to download ?

    Where do I download the Bootloader Unlocker ? When I click on the link in this forum I get this We're sorry... The page you're looking for cannot be displayed. Our suggestions: Search our products...
  19. D

    Root Best Custom ROM for Transformer TF700t

    What is the best Custom ROM for the Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T? I've read that the Cromi-x ROM is a good one and CROMBi-KK ROM. Are any of these good choices and will they change how my tablet shows up on Google Play? Will these ROMS still list my Tablet as the Asus TF700t? Do they...
  20. D

    APP to display what apps are useing WIFI Data

    Is there an APP That will show me what installed APPS are useing the WIFI connection and how much and what percentage of time they access the WIFI or Data? Every time I turn on my Tablet my Internet speed degrades severely from 12MBPS to 3 or sometimes even less. When I look at the WIFI access...
  21. F

    Root stock firmware on rooted & unlocked device?

    Hi, I
  22. D

    Slow Tablet fixes other then Factory Reset?

    Are there other ways to fix a slow running tablet other then a Factory Reset? I read somewhere about a method where you hold a cretin button combo and turn on the Tablet or do it while turning off the tablet that does not erase everything or only erases the system memory and programs but does...
  23. D

    App Store crashes, Tablet Running Slow

    When I first turn on my Tablet several times I get the message that the Play App Store program has stopped and it goes away after a few minutes but the Google Play App Store still loads ok and I no longer get the error message. Also the Tablet runs real slow after it has been on for a while and...
  24. M

    Help TF700 won't charge.

    I have a TF700 with dock that I cannot get to charge. I have tried several chargers and cables but still nothing. I have also tried charging the TF700 and dock separately but they still won't charge. So what is going on with this? Is it time to replace it? It still has about 30% charge left on...
  25. O

    Help Tf700 reads sd but won't write to it or delete. Says permission denied??

    Hello, I am a newbie. I recently purchased a Asus Transformer Pad Tf700T from ebay that already hs been rooted with CROMI-Xenogenesis 5.4 - US ODEX. The tab is ruinning android 4.2.1 I bought a class 10 64gb mini sd card. I loaded it up with movies, pics, and music. I put the card...