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Help TF700T Android System Updating...


Apr 25, 2016
My Transformer TF700T is displaying the following whenever I try to access settings:

"Attention! Android system updating now. Do no reboot or turn off the device during update. Please, try again later..."

And then there's the green android robot icon. The rest of the screen is white/blank. This appears whenever I try to access Settings. I can still access the Home screen, start apps, etc., but not Settings. I also canNOT do a factory reset, or select anything different during a cold boot. This started months ago - I remember encountering some sort of update screen, and may have mistakenly touched something on it I shouldn't have. So this may be malware. Although it doesn't seem to be doing anything else except sticking on this update thing.

What to do?
Resolved this myself. It is malware. I accessed the Avast Mobile anti-malware site from my tablet (which takes you to the App Store), downloaded, installed, updated and ran their software. It identified the malware ('believe it identified it as Android Settings Malware) and seems to have removed it. I can again access Settings.

I really should've known better in the first place. I knew there weren't going to be any further Android system updates (4.2.1 is the last one for this model tablet) and don't know why I would've clicked on anything along the system update lines. I consider myself fortunate that the Avast software worked.
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