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Root [AT&T] CWM or TWRP won't take!


Jul 23, 2012
Can't really explain what happened but I have tried to flash both TWRP and CWM but neither seems to have taken. I choose to reboot into recovery and it goes to the htc screen, freezes for a minute then reboots normally. Any ideas? I am rooted and I did the htcdev unlock.

Do you have the Tegra 3 or S4 version?

Did you get any error messages when you flashed or did it appear to go through normally?

Connect the phone to the PC, open a command prompt, navigate to your fastboot folder (if you downloaded the fastboot files from HTC, there should also be an adb.exe file) and type the below:

adb reboot recovery

Does that take you to recovery?
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As an aside, when I first flashed the TWRP, I got it to boot into that recovery just once when the computer automatically restarted the phone after flashing. I can not get it into recovery again since then. I've tried reflashing twrp and different versions of CWM all to no avail. Trying to do a manual recovery boot or from CWM Rom Manager. Nothing seems to do the trick.
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Excellent, glad you've sorted it! :)

I've pretty much always used CWM on all my handsets, it does the job for me, so I don't see the reason to change (at the moment anyway). I suppose functionality is the same, just the UI is different? I'm led to believe the S4 One X (I've the Tegra 3 version) prefers TWRP so I'd stick with that.

And yeah, ROM Manager is sort of defunct nowadays, it's handy but I still prefer doing things manually.
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