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Root [AT&T] Help me make the transition from iPhone to the S3 please! - Syncing solutions

a good app for syncing anything from you itunes is called "tunesync" it is a payed app but it is well worth it. it does wireless sync just like the iphone and will sync movies, pictures, and music from your itunes. one great thin is it works flawless with mac os. if you have any questions feel free to ask not sure about contacts though and pics if they are not in itunes just use dropbox or email them to yourself and then download them with your phone. hopefully something in here is helpful for you.
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Sync your contacts to Outlook on whatever PC. Export them to a .csv file. Go to your Gmail acct and import that .csv file. Contacts complete.
Photos...connect to PC and open photo folder. Copy all to a folder on your PC. Connect S3, create folder on SD card called "iphone". Drag those pics to that folder. They will appear in your S3 gallery.
Videos...The S3 won't read iPhone videos by default. You need to install a diff vid player to view them. I think I installed Vplayer for those.

I did the same switch....this works.
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