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AT&T is replacing my SIII


Nov 15, 2010
so i am getting a NEW not refurbished Samsung Galaxy SIII from AT&T at no cost. well i just had to pay $44 for tax.

turns out b!tching and complaining enough works.

i purchased my phone back in June and since then i have gone into the AT&T store about 3 times and called customer service/tech support twice to complain about my phone.

Long story short my phone in terms of making calls sucks horribly. after talking to customer service the last time they said they would send me a free refurbished phone or i could buy a new phone at the discounted price and renew my contract again for 2 more years. this was unacceptable to me.

so during the christmas holiday i received a letter from AT&T basically thanking me for being a loyal customer.

here is the letter.

My name is Jace Barbin, and I'm the Vice President and General Manager for AT&T in the Greater Los Angeles area. I know you have a choice when it comes to wireless service, and I'd like to take a moment to say thank you for choosing AT&T.

You deserve the best possible wireless experience, which is why we've made some big improvements throughout the Los Angeles area. Since 2009, we've invested over $1.7 billion in our wireless and wireless networks, making over 3,000 network upgrades since January 1, 2011. These are just some of the reasons more people in Los Angeles have chosen AT&T over any other wireless carrier.

To improve speed and accessibility, we launched our ultra-fast 4G LTE service here in Los Angeles. This latest generation of wireless network technology means quicker downloads, more features and faster mobile Internet speeds to complement our industry-leading selection of exciting smartphones and devices.

While we're focused on bringing you exciting new devices and more ways to connect, we also understand the importance of investing in the communities where our customers live and work. As part of our "It Can Wait" campaign, which educates our customers about the dangers of texting while driving, we brought virtual reality driving simulators to local high schools to let teen drivers experience how texting impacts driving safety. It's helped start conversations and shift perspectives about texting behind the wheel. You can learn more and get involved at itcanwait.com. I appreciate the opportunity you have given us to serve your communication needs. We are grateful for this privilege and we promise to keep working hard to earn your business every day.

Jace Barbin
Vice President and General Manager
AT&T - Greater Los Angeles
at the bottom of the letter i noticed there was an email address for this guy. i thought WTF i will email him.

here what i wrote.
Good afternoon Jace,

I recently received a letter from you acknowledging how I do have choices when it comes to wireless service and thanking me for choosing AT&T (please see attached letter). The letter continues to state that I
I had a similar experience without the tax charge. I was having trouble with the battery on my device. Just called in, explained what we'd already done (new battery, factory reset, tweaking, etc). Lady on the other end had an S3 as well and wasn't having the same issues. They sent me out a new handset and the new one works great without the previous problems.

Only thing that's odd is the 44 bones.
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