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Root [AT&T] missing sms messages on cleanrom


Jun 25, 2010
I have the AT&T version the LG G 2. I am running clean rom 2.0. For some reason I start missing text messages about 2 hours after reboot. Are you Google Voice, so I can text myself. I also have my twitter Linked to my SIM number, so when the tweets stop, that usually means all sms stopped. That's when I send a test text to myself. The problem was so frustrating that I went back to the stock ROM from AT&T, they then forced an update on to my phone which put me in to a TWRP bootloop. I got that all fixed and figured out, but now I am back on clean ROM and I am missing SMS messages once again. Is anyone else experiencing this problem, is there any solution? I like the stock based moms because they have the stock camera app which I like . They also have the remote control which has proven to be very useful . Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.


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