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Help At&T model, on T-Mo, can't update from Android 7 to 8

Hi- I bought a used LG V20 that is an AT&T phone. It worked fine on T-Mobiles network, but I haven't been able to upgrade from Android 7 to 8. My model # confirms it is an AT&T phone, and I can see the various updates at&t has for this phone, but not using their service means I can't use their updates.

I currently have no SIM in it, but I would think that doesn't make a difference. When I use the Update function, it says that I'm up to date, which is obviously wrong.

I tried LG Shield last night but it said it wouldn't work with this phone. How else would I be able to get these updates?

I am medium tech savvy, but nothing like many of the enthusiasts out there. I can figure out basic stuff.

Instead of discarding this phone I'm planning on
1. Update to at least Android 8, hopefully that fixes a problem I had with Google Play
2. Install a wireless receiver

What problem do you think you will solve by updating to 8?

This sounds highly unlikely, as I personally have Android 5.1.1, 7.1.1, 8.1.0, and 9 all running and quite capable of using the Play Store if I chose to do so.

Even an old 2.3.6 can still get onto the Play Store, at least the last time I tried.

Tell exactly what what going on, and we will work on that first.

Burning up brain cells trying to update a device that is 5 years old seems much less valuable, as the problem you are having would most likely persist.

There is very little, if anything, to gain from this update from 7 to 8.
Especially when you consider that Android is now on version 11 or 12.
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@ puppykickr,
I hope I'm not the puppy!

I haven't used the V20 in about a year. I upgraded to the V40 because the usb-c port was not working any more, and the Play Store was glitching to the point where it was unusable, so I had no way to get new software or update existing.

I was having the same problem with the usb-c port of the v40, and tried cleaning it out. It worked! So I did the same with the V20, and that works now as well, so the V20 is already looking like a viable 2d phone for secondary purposes.

Firing the V20 up for the first time in a year?, it seems the Play Store is working again, no idea why. I just ordered a wireless charging receiver for it, so the V20 is looking very attractive as a backup phone.

Does it matter why I want the update to 8? You not only get the enhanced features, but also a lot of security updates, which would be reason enough, but I also want whatever goodness they've baked into new versions of Android. I've had Android phones since 2.7 Gingerbread and my V40 is running 10. Personally, I find lots of valuable changes besides new features, including tweaking the OS for more speed and better battery life. Some apps are worst off for updates, but I've never had that experience with the Android OS updates.

I don't even know if this is possible. AFAIK, the only resource for Android 8 that is guaranteed to work with my LG-H910 model of the V20 is coming from AT&T. I imagine there are other custom ROMs (if I'm naming that correctly), and would be more inclined to risk it with a secondary phone like my V20, esp since I'm not that tech savvy or inclined and would be up shit creek without a paddle if my V40 bricked on me. (speaking of which, I see Android 11 is supposed to work on the V40, but T-Mo hasn't done the work. I'd be very keen on that).

Thanks for weighing in.
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