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AT&T wasn't happy when I left, my short story

Did you have a similar experience, leaving a cellphone service provider?

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Dec 5, 2009
I was with AT&T over 7 years and only left because they became a slave to the Apple:mad: I have been using computers since the Atari 2600 and BIG floppies:D, and I remember quite well Apple pulling the same proprietary stuff way back when. :rolleyes: anyways, I left the verizon store, many of whom were leaving AT&T for the same reason (it was packed with people wanting the Eris), and went to the very quiet AT&T store down the road, it was like a ghost town inside (cue the tumbleweed rollin by). wow, they tried everything to keep me, even wanted me to scam someone to take over my plan like a panhandler, as I call out to the people passing by : "used contracts, get your used contract here". I let it all slide until I was just about to walk out the door and the manager, yes the manager, said that my new Eris was a piece of [ insert colorful word here ]:eek:. just thought I would post my experience.
Wait until you get the call from the "research group" asking why you left ATT and what service quality you got from them.

Sounds like since they have an iPhone it doesn't matter what phone you get, it's not an iPhone. Lame. Well, I'll be out your way this Christmas so I get to test out my Eris in good ol' Canon City. Small town, wonder how the 3G is.
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