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Atrix vs. Bionic (RAM)


Android Expert
May 19, 2010
Maine USA
I have read and read about these phones and pretty much know the specs of each.

What i would like to know is.............what difference the random access memory (Atrix 1024mb and Bionic 512mb) is going to make in the real word use of these phones?

My friend says all it will do is allow the Atrix to perform on the dock?

Other than that RAM difference, it appears the Bionic will more than hold up to the Atrix in performance?

I need a new phone in a couple of months and i have my eye on these two.
It remains to be seen if it will make much of a difference but the Bionic uses faster desktop grade DDR2 where the Atrix uses the slower LPDDR2.
The Atrix does require 1 GB of ram to operate the desktop environment on the dock. In every day use away from the dock the 512 MB of desktop grade ram in the Bionic should be faster than the Atrix.
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