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Help authentication problem


Feb 26, 2016
I have several user accounts on my tablet (galaxy tab s)
all use fingerprints
today when I moved my finger over the sensor, it failed miserably and now it keeps asking me a password for this user.
I don't know this password...
how can I log in with the fingerprint??

that stupid android keeps asking me for the password even after I entered it wrong several times.
even from other user-accounts on this device, it seems impossible to reset the password....argh......
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So to be clear, are you saying that you don't know the password for the Gmail account you use with the tablet? That's the password it asks for when a PIN or screen lock password is forgotten, so I'd imagine it's the same with the fingerprint scanner. And if that's the password it's asking for, it will either keep asking for it (because there is nothing else it can ask for) or it might eventually do a factory reset if you keep entering it wrong (some devices do, as a security measure. I don't know about the Tab S).

If it's connected to the network you could try resetting the password with Android Device Manager, though I've never tried that with a multi-user device.
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when I have several users, each of them has different security settings (password, fingerprint, ..).
it does NOT ask for the Gmail account password - that is associated with another user.
so to clarify: I can log in with other users & I know the GMail credentials - but that does not help with this single user....

in Windows, you can easily log-in with an admin account and reset the password of other users - not so on Android...
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Ah, sorry, I thought you were locked out of the device.

The thing is that out of the box Android does not give you admin access - that's what "rooting" the device does for you - so I expect that none of the users is privileged over the others (unless perchance the "owner" account has special access, but I could imagine that it might let you delete an account but not access it). And as I don't have a FP scanner I can't experiment with this to see whether I can work something out.
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