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Autosave contacts to google, not possible?


Mar 15, 2012

I'm experiencing a problem with my SE Xperia Ray (Updated to android v. 4)

The problem also excisted in earlier android versions.

I want to save all my contacts to google by default. Right now i have to manually choose, where i want to save them! Very annoying :/

I have seen severel guides on the internet. Ex. Android: Auto-Save Contacts to Phone or Sim card by default

I follow the procedure: MENU > MORE > SETTINGS > SAVE CONTACTS to - SIM

But on my Sony Ericsson phone, i'm missing the "More" option... :/
From Sony chat:

Rasmus: I don't want to backup my contacts. I want to default save all new contacts to google, instead of choosing it everytime...
Rasmus: This option excist in the default ICS
Thorleif: No sorry, that's not possible in our version of ICS.
Rasmus: Do you why you have removed this option? I can't see any logic in removing the option...
Thorleif: Sorry don't have any information regarding this,.
Rasmus: Can you do a research of this?
Thorleif: I can forward your feedback regarding this to the developers.
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