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Backdrop tricks


The PearlyMon
Jun 10, 2010
New Mexico, USA
So, I was playing with the new backdrop feature.

Turns out that it's easy to go from the backdrop card to view more on your browser and from there, you can save the image.

Full number of dots but fairly high jpeg compression. So, fair enough for grabbing a new wallpaper of the day, but not good enough to make a high quality print and thereby ripoff the artist.

Not too shabby in my book. :)
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Top of the Chromecast phone app, tap it to get the slide out - if you have the latest Chromecast (build 19084) and rev 1.8.22 of the app, you get a new selection - Backdrop.

Follow your nose and expect bugs (I can't get the news feed to work for example).

But when it's settled down - you get screens like this -


CCLR = my living room Chromecast, from when I thought that they had a naming bug and have been too lazy to change it.

Anyway, yes, you can save the artwork locally - something that you either needed root for before, or you had to download the saved artwork when zipped at XDA.
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