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Background music playing


May 25, 2010
Hi all,

My question is : on the HTC Desire, is it possible to listen music with the default player, while doing something else like browsing the web ?
Because when I'm under the music player app, listening to something, and then I click (or long-click) "home" button, the sound stops.
Also, while i'm listening to a track, if a phone call comes in, the music is paused, but when the call ends, the track position is lost and it starts from the begining...
Is all this normal ?
Thanks a lot.
Tunes continue to play on my Desire in the background. In fact one day I was playing a tune on the default player and then tried to play a tune on Tunewiki (assumed one would stop and the other start) and they both played! One over the top of the other.....pointless but quite cool
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My default player stops the playback as soon as I click home button. That is a major oversight for the multitasking promoting Google. I use MortPlayer. Really like it, but as most of other media players this one does not like astro file manager deleting/moving files while it is playing music. And I have class 6 SD card.
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